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What We Fund

We invest in projects that support women’s well-being – physical, social and economic. We look for models that foster women working together, to enhance learning, mutual support and creativity.

We fund local women’s initiatives across the Americas and the Caribbean.

These are our neighbors. We give at home, in North America, because there is need. We give internationally because there is even greater poverty, because our policies and economies are linked. And we give in this part of the world, close to home rather than across the globe; we do this because we work in relationship with those that receive grants.

Social justice means changing systems

Social justice means changing systems so all have access to resources and education, and to work that will support their families. Working for social change means:

  • educating community about injustice
  • building skills so people can advocate for themselves
  • changing laws that make it hard for the poor to get ahead
  • helping groups organize so they have a strong voice in their community

Our values

Our values are reflected in the projects we fund:

  • We believe that funding justice means taking risks and accepting challenges.
  • We welcome innovative projects that plant the seeds of sustainable systemic change
  • We like investing in the creation of something new to a community – new organizations, new programs, new structures, and new thoughts.
  • We believe that there is power in community, and when a project is accomplished through collaboration, each participant becomes stronger.

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