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Lenten Soup Supper

A Lenten Soup Supper is a traditional way to bring community together during the Lenten season. Mary’s Pence can provide materials for a brief discussion on social justice, and a short video to share Mary’s Pence work. Find more information about our Praying in Solidarity with Women of Latin America Lenten soup supper packet here.

Christmas Tree Giving

Hands with candleChristmas and Advent are wonderful times to move beyond our immediate community and share generously with families from other parts of the world. We invite your parish or faith community in supporting Mary's Pence at this special time of year. Including Mary's Pence on your parish Giving Tree allows members of your community to support positive social change and improve the lives of women and their families in Latin America. Giving Tree Gifts will go to support women's income-generating initiatives through Mary's Pence ESPERA Community Lending Pools.

We would be glad to send you beautiful Mary's Pence Giving Tree tags that can be used within your Giving Tree tradition. We can also provide a sample request to your Giving Tree committee and sample text for church bulletins.

How to include Mary's Pence on your parish Giving Tree:

  • Share this material with the Christmas Giving Tree committee in your church or faith community
  • Complete this form or email and let us know how many Giving Tree tags you will need. We can also send along supporting materials, such as Mary's Pence bookmarks and newsletters
  • Use this description for Mary's Pence ESPERA community lending pools to highlight Mary's Pence in your bulletin Giving Tree materials. Be sure to share why it is important support women and to support social justice in Latin America
  • Place the tags for Mary's Pence on the Giving Tree, and have individuals send their donations directly to Mary's Pence, as indicated on the tags

Connecting Mary's Pence to your faith community and sharing the news about this work makes an enormous difference in our ability to support women working for change. Thank you for contributing to Mary's Pence in this valuable way.

For more information, contact the Mary's Pence office at 651-788-9869 or

Tithing Fund or Sunday Special Collections

If you parish sponsors special collections or has a tithing fund that makes grants to charity and justice organizations, consider bringing Mary’s Pence forth as a recipient. We can supply any materials required.

St. Mary Magdalene Feast Day – July 22nd

Saint Mary Magdalene was known in the first 1000 years of Christianity as "the apostle to the apostles" because in all four gospels she experienced the resurrected Christ first - before any of Jesus' other followers. This indicates that she was a very important person in Jesus' life and in the life of the early church, when the gospels were written. Later legends falsely accused her of being a prostitute. However, she is never described as a prostitute anywhere in the New Testament. It does mention (Luke 8:2 and Mark 16:9) that she is healed of "seven demons," but we are not told what those demons were. Importantly, she is described in all four gospels as being faithful and accompanying Jesus all the way to the end of his ministry and his death on the cross. Saint Mary Magdalene's feast day is July 22nd.

Why not celebrate the feast of St. Mary Magdalene with a Mary's Pence Giving Circle or a donation for Mary's Pence?

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