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You take great care now to use your resources to support social justice and human dignity. A planned gift to Mary's Pence allows you to carry those values forward and leave a legacy of hope for women working for the common good within their communities.

There are several ways to make a legacy gift to Mary's Pence (click links for more details):

If you wish to leave your gift to a specific part of our work, such as ESPERA or Grants, please discuss your intentions with us to ensure that we can fulfill them.

With all planned giving decisions we recommend discussing your intentions with your family. For bequests, we also recommend working with a lawyer to draw up the appropriate documents.

Please contact Katherine Wojtan at 651-788-9869 or for more information about any of these options.

Already Made a Planned Gift to Mary's Pence?

If you have already planned for a legacy gift to Mary's Pence, please let us know. We would like to thank you for your generosity and include you in the Mary's Pence Legacy Circle. By allowing us to list you publicly as a member of the Legacy Circle, you will serve as a strong example for others and inspire more support for the work you love. We will also honor any wish to remain anonymous.

Ways to Make a Legacy Gift


Key Information for Legacy Gifts to Mary's Pence:


Gift Acceptance Policy (PDF)

Use of Planned Gifts Policy (PDF)

Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines (PDF)

Legacy Giving Brochure (PDF)

  • Our legal name is "Mary's Pence"
  • Our Employer ID Number is 36-3556481
  • Our address is 275 East 4th St. #510,¬†St Paul, MN 55101

Make a Bequest

Anyone can make a bequest, or a gift made in your will. If you already have a will, consider adding Mary's Pence as a beneficiary. In order to do this, you can either replace your existing will or add a "codidcil" (an extra section).

When naming Mary's Pence in your will, you can choose from several different options:

  • Specific bequest - a gift to Mary's Pence of a specific dollar amount. For example, a gift of $50,000 to Mary's Pence at the settlement of your estate.
  • Percentage bequest - a gift to Mary's Pence of a percentage of your estate. When leaveing a bequest, consider this option instead of an absolute dollar amount. This automatically keeps the gift in line with your total assets and your priorities.
  • Residual bequest - a gift to Mary's Pence of all - or a portion - of whatever remains after debts, taxes, administrative expenses and specific bequests have been paid.

You can also designate any bequest you make to Mary's Pence as a tribute to a loved one. These gifts will be specially noted upon settlement of your estate with the name of the person honored, and your name if you choose.

Click here for sample bequest language for making a gift to Mary's Pence.

Beneficiary of your Retirement Plan

Mary's Pence can be named as a beneficiary of pensions, IRAs, or other retirement plans. In fact, retirement benefits may be the best asset to leave to Mary's Pence. If you name a person other than your spouse as a beneficiary, the benefits may be subject to both estate tax and income tax. In contrast, no estate or income tax will be payable if retirement benefits are paid to Mary's Pence. In many cases, no lawyer is needed - just list Mary's Pence as the main or contingent beneficiary of your plan.

Beneficiary of your Life Insurance Policy

A gift of a life insurance policy is an ideal way to benefit Mary's Pence without reducing your income of depleting your savings. Many people buy life insurance to provide for their children and spouse, but once children are grown many people find they no longer have need of their policy. If this is the case, you can donate your policy to Mary's Pence and, in doing so, you may receive a tax deduction. You may also decide to keep the policy, but leave Mary's Pence as the main or contingent beneficiary.

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