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Envisioning a world where empowered women and their communities flourish in solidarity and justice. Providing resources and support to make it happen.

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Women who experience injustice are best able to determine effective solutions. All projects we support are women-led for the benefit of women and their communities. Women includes cis women, trans women and non-binary people.

ESPERA’s Path to Women’s Empowerment

The El Salvador Follow-Up Committee gathered together — 15 women from 7 ESPERA organizations — to discuss the year’s accomplishments, their roles as leaders, and their plans for 2024. The Follow-Up Committee was formed in 2020 after an evaluation of the ESPERA program in 2019. Its goal was to follow up on the recommendations of […]

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Our partners are women’s organizations formed to meet a need within their community. Their work is organic and responsive, and so is our support. We collaborate to meet new and changing needs.

Mary's Pence grantees.

Accompaniment as a way of being

Accompaniment as a way of being. The word accompaniment often comes to mind when we think of our work. To us, it means sharing a vision, working together, and being in the work for the long haul. Sharing a vision of justice. Each of our grantees in the U.S. and ESPERA partners in Mexico and […]

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In order to create lasting social change, we deliberately and intentionally address systemic injustice by supporting women who change policies, increase capacity, build community, amplify women’s voices, and more.

Learn How Heart of Courage is Transforming Mother’s Lives

Heart of Courage was born out of Dania Carter’s profound concern for families navigating the challenges of the child welfare system. Witnessing the shortage of foster homes and recognizing the innate desire of children to remain with their parents, Dania couldn’t reconcile with the notion of tearing families apart without exploring alternative solutions. Her reflections […]

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Our Programs

Mary's Pence Grants

Funding responsively, increasing capacity and building community for women led grassroots social justice organizations across the United States.


ESPERA Program

A unique holistic approach to accompaniment for women in Central America and Mexico, focused on economic security and social and emotional wellbeing.