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Accompaniment as a way of being

Mary's Pence grantees.

Accompaniment as a way of being.

The word accompaniment often comes to mind when we think of our work. To us, it means sharing a vision, working together, and being in the work for the long haul.

Sharing a vision of justice.

Each of our grantees in the U.S. and ESPERA partners in Mexico and Central America is working in a different community, on a different issue, through their own lens. Yet they are all working for a better world. They are working to ensure everyone has a right to dignity and justice, especially people who have been marginalized due to the color of their skin, physical or mental abilities, faith, country of origin, income, or educational level.

Working together to make it happen.

The struggle for justice belongs to all of us. Mary’s Pence, through the support of our donors and the work of our volunteers, contributes to the efforts of our grantees and ESPERA partners in many ways.  We provide funding through grants, often a first grant to small and emerging organizations. And we form relationships – by listening, hosting gatherings and workshops, networking, and sharing resources.

Through your gift of time or treasure, you are sharing the vision and are part of the work.

Being in it for the long haul.

Working for justice is a long journey and one that requires vigilance. This is the piece of accompaniment that is most often forgotten. Mary’s Pence began in 1987 – over 36 years ago. Many of our donors have been in it for the long haul – about 55% have given for over 20 years. We are grateful. 

Working in community – the essence of solidarity and the special ingredient in the ESPERA and Grants program.

When a community gathers to overcome injustice, its voice is stronger, and its actions have more impact. Mary’s Pence Grantees work with members of a community, whether it is connecting LGBTQ+ folks in prison who have experienced violence or forming alliances among renters to know their rights and demand landlord action. ESPERA women learn business skills together and work on local issues such as violence against women, protection of water resources, or addressing disability rights.

We all benefit from a more just world.

Each of us is better off in a world with less hardships and sorrow and filled with more joy. Join us in accompanying our grantees and ESPERA partners by spreading the word, volunteering, or making a financial contribution. 

With deep gratitude, 

Katherine Wojtan, Executive Director

Some concepts come from Accompanying: Pathways to Social Change by Staughton Lynd, a Quaker author.

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