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A woman shakes hands with another woman holding up a sign that says Adrian Dominicans and Associates for Peace


Mary’s Pence: Supporting Organization Highlight

The Associate | November 20, 2017
By Carla Rush

Mary’s Pence was founded 30 years ago by Catholic religious women and lay women who were frustrated by the lack of funding for women’s social justice work. They decided to “quit being angry and do something about it.”

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A white woman and two Somali women at the Isuroon office.


Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

St. Paul Magazine May 2017
By Erik Tormoen

Gallagher imagined meeting God. “What did you do to help women?” God asked. She replied, “I’m a woman; I couldn’t do anything.” Again, God asked: “What did you do?”

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young women graduates from guatemala dressed in traditional bright patterned guatemalan dress


Pence From Heaven

Minnesota Women’s Press November 2015
By Terri Peterson Smith

Unlike traditional investors, Mary’s Pence doesn’t expect a financial return on its investment, but seeks a less tangible benefit instead – a better world for women.

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