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Mary’s Pence Statement About the Killing of George Floyd

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Although our work is across North and Central America, our office is based in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota. Along with our community, we are feeling a range of powerful emotions as a result of the deplorable death of George Floyd while in police custody. 

At Mary’s Pence our work is rooted in promoting social and economic justice for women and their communities. We recognize that so much injustice in our communities and our country is a direct result of deep systemic racism that disproportionately affects our Black sisters and brothers. 

The racial inequalities and oppression that have always existed are more glaringly apparent to all during the current coronavirus pandemic and now, yet again, with the senseless killing of George Floyd.

This can’t go on.

It is imperative that we as a community come together to engage in a unifying dialogue to ensure all human life is respected and valued equally — now and in the future. Strong and sustained actions are essential to keep moving toward a more just world. We also look inward to identify ways that Mary’s Pence can be a more strategic part of a sustainable response. 

Together, we are committed to be part of the solution to empower communities to flourish in solidarity and justice.

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