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Mary’s Pence to Present at Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference

MNCN Conference

“Are Your Investments Aligned with Your Values?” This is the question Mary’s Pence will pose during the breakout session of the same name at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofit’s (MCN) online 2021 Nonprofit Finance & Sustainability Conference on April 20, 2021.

As facilitators of the workshop, Mary’s Pence board member Carol Fendt, finance committee member Mary Zerjav, and bookkeeper Nadine Sehnert, will share the experience of our Finance Committee and Ad Hoc Investment Committee’s work in 2020 to align our investments with our values. As a result of the work, Mary’s Pence is now depositing cash in banks that serve minority and underserved populations, as well as divesting traditional securities in favor of funds and financial institutions that proactively support social and environmental factors. It is a way for Mary’s Pence to support organizations that mirror our values.

Similarly attendees of MCN’s breakout session with Mary’s Pence will have the opportunity to identify the values they wish to reflect in their organization’s investments, how to evaluate their current assets for alignment, how to identify investments that reflect those values, and how to make the transition to socially responsible investing.

MCN is the largest statewide association of nonprofits in the country. With over 2,200 nonprofit member organizations and 240 businesses as members throughout Minnesota, it is the premier place for nonprofit professionals, volunteers, and businesses serving nonprofits to come together under the umbrella of a statewide association of nonprofits.

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