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Social Media Intern Hopes to Make Equality and Opportunity Possible for Women

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With a passion for advocacy, interest in political theory, and the drive to instill equality among all, Mary’s Pence Social Media Intern Emily Cortes knew that whatever profession she chose her work would reflect the humanitarian within her.

Growing up with a Puerto Rican father and an Irish mother, Emily’s perception of the world has always been a blend of different colors of skin, genders, relationship dynamics, and different types of struggle. Emily was fortunate enough to have family and financial security, however, living in an impoverished and crime stricken community exposed her to the realities of the world from a very young age. She learned quickly, and tried to teach others as she understood more, that people’s socioeconomic status doesn’t make them any different from the rest of the world. People are not what their circumstances tend to be, and not everyone has the same amount of ease in achieving their dreams and living their truth.

Emily is completing her final semester at the University of Tampa where she will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Media and Culture. She then plans to further her education at the University of Tampa while seeking a Master of Arts in Professional Communication. She hopes to complete her education with a degree in constitutional law. Emily is also a contributing columnist to her university’s newspaper, The Minaret, and is grateful to Mary’s Pence for allowing her to continue her work in the world of nonprofit organizations.

Mary’s Pence strives to create positive change, enrich the lives of women and initiate effective social change. Emily is excited to join Mary’s Pence with the hopes of achieving the goals we set together, and in her own life, to ultimately make equality and opportunity for all achievable for women everywhere.

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