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Mary’s Pence 2023 at a Glance

Mary's Pence grantees.

We each hold in our hands great power to make the world a better place, and to create a beloved community. We use this power each time we create a sense of belonging for all, justice for all.

This year, the Mary’s Pence Grants Program funded 19 organizations from across the country. Each organization is women-focused, advances through community involvement, and creates long-term shifts toward justice.

We fund different issues that are not predetermined by us. The top four areas for funding were: civic education and participation, reduction in gender violence, housing rights and disparities in work and pay.

Additional issues funded include justice in the carceral system, women’s health, human rights and girl’s empowerment.

We invite you to view our Year End Report and 2024 Calendar of Women, where you can learn about the investments made in both our Grantees in the United States and our ESPERA Partners in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador.

In our ESPERA program in Central America and Mexico we partner with 14 women’s organizations in 5 countries – each working on economic security, strong local leadership, family agriculture and emotional wellness.
There were two important developments in the ESPERA program this year.

First, 4 new groups joined the ESPERA program. All the groups are rural indigenous women. Three of the groups are in Guatemala, and one is in Honduras.

Secondly, we are proud to be supporting the ESPERA Medical Assistance Fund. Any unexpected health crisis amplifies the women’s vulnerability, particularly regarding their economic well-being. In response to an increasing number of unforeseen medical issues experienced by ESPERA members in the past year, this new initiative will provide additional support for ESPERA women.

Let’s make a difference together.

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