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Concertación de Mujeres de Suchitoto

Women with aprons on all in different stages of making tortillas. Some are mixing dough, some are putting them on a grill.
  • Partner Location: Suchitoto, El Salvador
  • Partner Since: 2008
  • Number of Loans: 576

Concertación is the largest of our ESPERA partners with over 300 members from the primarily rural communities surrounding Suchitoto. Concertación works in the community through the lenses of reproductive and sexual health, economic solidarity of women, institutional strength and organizational development, and right to a life free from violence toward women.

Composition of Businesses

  • Crops – 31.25%
  • Livestock – 22.5%
  • Making Clothes – 12.5%
  • Small Shops – 11.25%
  • Bakeries and Prepared Food – 7.5%
  • Buying/Selling Food – 6.25%
  • Other – 8.75% (includes shampoos and detergents, video advertising, and incubators)

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