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Photograph of two women. One woman squats, with her elbows and hands bent to form right angles, extending her arms to the right. The other woman kneels on top of the first woman's left thigh, extending one arm straight out over the first womans head, and the other behind her.

Atlanta, GA

MakeShift Circus Collective works to connect diverse voices to build a colorful community of inclusion, justice, and entertainment. The accessibility of circus is used to promote social change. In the spring of 2019 MakeShift Circus will offer a program on gender issues and injustices. Following each performance, there will be discussions aimed at remediating gender discrimination and violence. MakeShift Circus Collective chose this project because of the increase in open displays of misogyny and bigotry in our country. In addition, violence towards transgender individuals is at an all-time high. Beliefs and attitudes must be changed to make progress toward ending gender discrimination and violence: this is the goal of MakeShift Circus Collective Gender Project.

Website: MakeShift Circus Collective

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