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A group of six young women and one man stand in front of the United Nations with flags from various nationalities in the background and a poster that says CSW 59 Commission on the Status of Women

Cary, North Carolina

WomenNC’s mission is to lead North Carolina’s young adults in the elimination of injustice against women and girls. They visualize a generation of people who will uphold and honor women’s human rights. WomenNC’s 3rd grant from Mary’s Pence will support their CEDAW Initiative (Counties for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women). This initiative will directly benefit women in the short-term through a job training initiative taking place this year and, will benefit women for the long-term by ensuring an equitable distribution of government resources and programs. WomenNC is especially focused on women’s dignity, economic security, right to work, and right to live free from intimate partner violence.

Website: WomenNC

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